Eating Disorders

Disordered eating comes in all shapes and sizes.

Maybe your quest for “health” has grown into an obsession. Maybe you feel stuck in an endless cycle of dieting and overeating. Or you’re feeling alone in your eating disorder recovery, craving more support. Maybe someone in your life is concerned about your eating or exercise habits. And those habits are doing more harm than good these days.

Maybe you hate your body so much that healing your relationship with your body seems impossible.

Oftentimes, our relationship with our body and with food gets skewed by something going on with our emotions. Our brain and body find some kind of comfort, relief, or control through the ways we engage with food, movement, our weight, and our bodies. Long term, though, it’s not sustainable.

Maybe it’s time to take the next step.

It’s okay if you can’t even imagine having a healthy relationship with food and a positive body image. You may not remember what that feels like — or perhaps you’ve never felt that way.

You are not alone.  You don’t have to be able to see the whole path in order to take the next step.  And we’d love to help you on your way.
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