Family. Sometimes we’re born into, it sometimes we marry into it, sometimes we choose it. But if you’ve experienced adoption it can feel like the word “family” is part of a secret language that only you understand.

Did you find yourself needing to make an adoption plan because you were unable to parent when you or your partner faced a pregnancy?

Are you an adopted person who is part of a loving family but your family is nothing like you in appearance, interests, or temperament?

Have you always dreamed of being a parent but Mother Nature or life circumstances had other plans for you?

Is parenting an adopted child challenging you in ways you’re finding difficult or unexpected?

You need someone who understands the special circumstances that bring people to adoption and how feelings around adoption can change over time.

Maybe you’re looking for someone who knows it’s normal to feel guilty, misunderstood, or judged about needing to make an adoption plan.

Perhaps you want someone to help you resolve your inner struggle about needing to know more about your birth family or about how you can love your family but still feel like you don’t fit in.

Or you’re seeking guidance to explore questions about how to best parent your adopted child and no one in your social circle (or your own family) can relate.

I am a born problem-solver (but NOT the math kind!) and was raised to cherish family and find inspiration from those different from me. When I wondered if there was a job where I could use my positive outlook, keen ability to listen, desire for collaboration, and motto that “a little self-reflection goes a long way” all signs pointed me toward social work. That was 20 years ago and I haven’t looked back since. Working in foster care and adoption confirmed my belief that when people feel whole and at peace with their place within their family – and within themselves — life can be so rich and rewarding.

Adoption is normal but unique – just like you. I would love to work in partnership with you – whether you’ve been adopted, are considering adoption, or are making an adoption plan-so you can connect to your authentic self and grow to love your definition of “family.”