Adoption touches people in very personal ways. You may want to make – or have made — an adoption plan for your baby; you might want to adopt to become parents or to add to your family. Maybe you were adopted yourself. Regardless of the reason adoption has touched your life, you have the same ups and downs as everyone else. What makes you unique is that you also look at life through an adoption lens.

Lisa Bridges has spent the past 20 years of her career working with people all along the adoption spectrum. Lisa brings to her practice a sensitivity to the emotional needs and life experiences of those working through issues related to adoption (grief and loss, infertility, family dynamics, transracial adoption issues).

Whether you’re just starting to consider adoption or have lived a lifetime with adoption as part of your identity; whether you’re single or married; no matter your sexual or gender identity; your race or culture, our adoption specialist, Lisa is ready to help you resolve whatever part of adoption may feel unsettled to you.

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