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We all know that the teen years are challenging for both teens and their parents…

  • Building identity
  • Navigating peers
  • Managing the pressure of social media
  • Changing bodies
  • Brain development
  • Difficulty identifying passion and purpose
  • Figuring out how to have self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Facing decisions with ever-increasing stakes
  • Seeking more independence
  • And losing some of the connection they’ve had with parents who’ve helped guide them through their younger years.

Get the help you need to navigate this unpredictable time

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At Annapolis Counseling Center we join teens where they are emotionally, helping them feel comfortable so they can talk about what is really going on. We give them space to be themselves and a listening ear so they can get in touch with what is troubling them so they can see a path to better decision-making.

We also help teens and parents talk to one another and repair the parts of the relationship that have broken down.

We love to help teens get back on the path to becoming the man or woman they were meant to be. Make an appointment for your teen today.

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