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Some things we experience are so awful that we are not equipped to deal with them. When many people think of trauma they think of soldiers in combat or survivors of assault. But trauma is more about the way we experience something rather than the actual experience itself.

Trauma comes in different shapes and sizes- and something that one person might be able to handle knocks someone else out. But when trauma comes, no one handles it well.

And oftentimes the families and friends of a trauma survivor have an unspoken but clear “don’t ask don’t tell” policy surrounding the trauma. That is why seeking help can be vital to recover from trauma.

If you have suffered a trauma you might be experiencing:

  • Upsetting frequent memories of the traumatic situation
  • Attempting to avoid people, places, smells, etc that remind you of your trauma
  • Feeling on edge much of the time
  • An increasing desire to use alcohol and drugs to escape
  • Angry outbursts
  • Risky behaviors you didn’t think you would ever try
  • Not being able to talk to anyone about it

We don’t want you to be alone. We can help.

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The good news is that when survivors are able to move through their trauma with a trained therapist, they find a strength and resilience they never could have imagined.

At Annapolis Counseling Center, we will walk with you through the dark places of your trauma so that you can feel whole again and connect with the people you love. You will get the help you need so you can move on from your trauma. Our therapists utilize a number of different approaches so we can find a path forward that is custom-tailored to your needs.

Don’t put off your healing another day. Contact us and start the process to healing.

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